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Hi, my name is Susan von Wielligh and I am a full time Software Developer
and does freelance in my spare time.
If you have any further queries you can contact me on

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Bio / About Me

I'm a Senior Microsoft Full Stack Developer who has been developing software since 2004.
Currently I am working for SMD on a full time basis.
I use AngularJS extensively with WebApi and WCF services. To access our data we use Entity Framework and Dapper.
In my spare time I freelance to get exposure to other technologies and projects.
At the moment I am working on a desktop application written in Java using Netbeans with a PostgresSQL Database.

Relevant Skills

Most of the development I have done is web based. I have completed desktop application, mobile,
webservice, and webAPIs.
Skills • Database: I work most frequently with the Microsoft SQL stack, and with Java I use PostgresSQL
• Front-end: I mostly use AngularJs for Web with Bootstrap
• Back-end: C#
• Web servers: IIS
• Version control: Git, BitBucket and TFS


Bachelors Degree in Software Development at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


2015 - present: Senior Software Developer at SMD
• AngularJs application architecture and implementation for the supplier Portal.
• Web Application using Naked Objects for SMD internal processes
2010 - 2014: Analyst for South African Police Department
• Create a Proof of Concept mobile application for capturing information while at a crime scene
• Cordova with WCF technologies was used.
• Develop and Maintain the vehicle tracking software
2008 - 2009: Software Developer at Intenda
• Create Web Applications using .Net
* For earlier and more detailed experiences you can visit LinkedIn

Software I have written

I have two websites that are still currently active
26th Avenue
Most of the software I write are internal software for companies that are not
accessible on the web.